Alcohol Recovery 

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that when used
properly can help alcoholics stop drinking

In order to be successful, alcoholics have to work though negative emotions and beliefs that are not available to the conscious mind.  Also if they are blackout drinkers they will have to address the memories, and emotions, as they come back from the unconscious to the conscious mind.

The shame, remorse and guilt that alcoholics feel when getting sober can become overwhelming.  It almost feels like an avalanche of negative emotions coming down and burying the alcoholic.  If the individual does not work with someone to clear the negative emotions there is a strong likelihood that they will start drinking again.

Most people struggling with alcoholism have tried numerous times to quit or cut back on their drinking.  Most alcoholics have tried at one time or another to switch their drink of choice, in the hopes that they will cut down on drinking or not get as drunk.  For example the alcoholic drinks hard liquor but switches to beer thinking that beer Is not a bad as the hard liquor.  The truth is it will not work.  In reality it is nothing more then another failure to stop drinking.    

Our goal is to have this be the alcoholic’s last step to getting sober and not just another failure.  We do this by finding the root cause or reason (at the unconscious level) that they are drinking.  With guided imagery we can easily find the unresolved negative emotions and beliefs and clear them.  This is the missing key in most attempts to stop drinking; the unconscious reasons have never been addressed or solved.


Most people don’t know that hypnosis and guided imagery are so effective when dealing with alcoholics.  This is likely because there is a real lack of training when it comes to Hypnotherapists, so most Hypnotherapists don’t know how to treat it.


Also until the last 10 years there wasn’t a lot of scientific study on the effectiveness of hypnosis medically. With the new brain scanning technology like fMRI, new studies are coming out all the time showing how effective hypnosis actually is.  


If you or someone you know struggles with alcoholism now is the time to let them know that guided imagery can help.


In fact Susan Caswell is working out of my office and is specializing in alcoholism. From the very beginning of her Hypnotherapy training she has focused on alcoholism.


Susan has 19 years of sobriety and over the years has worked with many people helping them to get sober.  Regardless of what program the individual is working, such as AA, or if they want to just work with Susan, she knows what they are going through and the challenges involved.


People have asked if what we do is compatible with AA.  The answer is yes.  Again, Susan has an intimate knowledge of the AA 12 Step program and encourages clients to use as many resources to get sober as they need or want.    

During your first visit we will do a comprehensive history.  This normally takes about two hours but your future sessions will only be approximately one hour.   

There are times when we will not work with an alcoholic until you have detoxed under medical supervision.  Once they have detoxed and the alcohol is out of out of their system we can start to eliminate the negative emotions that triggered the drinking in the first place and change it.